Bufocraft, BUFO Hovercraft

Eye catching bullfrog shaped hovercraft.

Our Bufocraft is a 1-2 person hovercraft retains the same core design as the MAD-81s, but with modifications to improve racing performance capabilities and to add class (yes, we realize some don’t find it appealing – have some imagination!).With its high weight-to-power ratio, increased horsepower, optimized fan set-up, improved cushion response system, and exotic bullfrog design, this is sure to be an eye catcher!

You will not find a better standard factory-produced model for racing in the hovercraft market.

It is available as a turn-key and fully functional hovercraft delivered to your home, or in kit form – DYS, Do It Your Self.

Hunting, fishing, surveying, crossing swift waters, lakes, rivers, rapids and recreational boating are among the most popular reasons to own a Bufocraft

Hovercraft review:

Madcraft are 2 person high performance hovercraft, ideal for personal use, racing or rental (hovercraft for rent). You will be sure impressed by its performance

Bufocraft can handle most extreme conditions with ease. And have no fear. Hovercraft hull is unsinkable and you are safe and sound on board Bufocraft.

With 200 lit. in-built flotation all around hovercraft bottom hovercraft safely floats like a raft when motor is switched off. You can use Bufocraft Hovercraft for longer stops on the water for fishing let’s say, hunting, works,… etc.

Not to mention Bufocraft have guaranteed flotation and unsinkable hull under full payload 200 kg on board. Can you imagine swimming in icy lake in worst case scenario? With Bufocraft this option is excluded.

Hovercraft specification:

Hovercraft length: 3 m 10 cm

Hovercraft width: 1 m 85 cm

Thrust duct diameter: 91 cm

Cockpit width: 80 cm

Fuel tank capacity: 12 lit.

Cushion height: 20 cm

Hovercraft total weight: 145 kg

Hovercraft steering: 2 x aerodynamic rudders Inbuilt buoyancy: 200 liter – unsinkable hull


  • Strong & Flexible Composite Sandwich Hull – Fully Heavy Duty ‘Step-on’
  • Airbrushed hull by costumer choice
  • Unsinkable Hull Under Full Payload
  • Reliable Gearbox Drive (No Belts, No Annoying Repairs)
  • Marine Grade – Salt Water Approved!
  • Low cost & Easy Maintenance
  • Full Support & Spare Parts Always Available

Hovercraft engines:

We install ultra light and powerful aircraft engines of various manufacturers. Hovercraft motors are available in different powers and many options. Manufactures like Rotax BRP, Hirth, Simonini, Polini and Ruska Mehanika are world leading light aircraft engine manufacturers. They produce top quality motors witch are the ultimate choice for a light weight and high performance hovercraft.

We will help you to chose the right motor for your hovercraft and your terrain

MAD Hovercraft - build in quality you can rely on.

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Bufocraft hovercraft are available in many different colours and various patterns. as well with engines of different output powers.