Typhoon hovercraft

Universal hovercraft for work, fun and rescue

Typhoon is 3-4 person high performance hovercraft designed for work, rescue or personal use – as you like it, as you need it!

This hovercraft model was designed and developed in years 2008- 2009, now produced as serial model.

Hovercraft is ideal for personal use as well as professional use (search & rescue & work) Typhoon MAD-81L hovercraft is high performance machine:

  • Supreme floatation when not hovering
  • Very short time to get over hump after a water stop – we measure seconds to beat hump and hover again 
  • Highest thrust power to hovercraft weight ratio • 
  • Complete heavy duty hull with accessories, but still ultra light, designed for ‘’step-on’’ and all accessories designed for ‘’grab- on’’ 
  • Fully aerodynamic rudders with flow stators results supreme agility of our Typhoon MAD-81L • and more…

Typhoon MAD-81L is a machine for professionals, where the highest quality, reliability and performance is ‘’must have’.

Hunting, fishing, surveying, crossing swift waters, lakes, rivers, rapids and recreational boating as well rescue are among the most popular reasons to own a MAD hovercraft.

Our craft will allow you to navigate through areas you never would have imagined you could go.

Flying a hovercraft is a truly unique and one of a kind experience that every person should be able to enjoy.

Hovercraft review:

Typhoon MAD-81L hovercraft are 3-4 person high performance hovercraft, ideal for work, rescue or personal use.

Hovercraft was originally designed for work and rescue on lakes and floods allowing users to do work and rescue as close as to the water/ice/mud surface is possible with minimum side tilt of a hovercraft. That makes work more easy, fast and safe.

Typhoon MAD-81L hovercraft have optimized flow for more efficient thrust as well 4 – aerodynamic rudders for steering. Rudders are installed behind the duct (not inside). Combination of high efficient flow and high efficient rudder system results high responsive manoeuvrability of this hovercraft. It is easy to control it and fast to learn the ride.

Hovercraft specification:

Hovercraft length: 4 m 10 cm 

Hovercraft width: 2 m 32 cm

Thrust duct diameter: 91 cm

Cockpit width: 120

 cmFuel tank capacity: 30 lit.

Cushion height: 25 cm

Hovercraft total weight: 300 kg

Hovercraft steering: 4 x aerodynamic rudders Inbuilt buoyancy: 350 liter – unsinkable hull


  • Strong & Flexible Composite Sandwich Hull – Fully Heavy Duty ‘Step-on’
  • Unsinkable Hull Under Full Payload
  • Reliable Gearbox Drive (No Belts, No Annoying Repairs)
  • Marine Grade – Salt Water Approved!
  • Low cost & Easy Maintenance
  • Full Support & Spare Parts Always Available

Hovercraft engines:

We install ultra light and powerful aircraft engines of various manufacturers. Hovercraft motors are available in different powers and many options. Manufactures like Rotax BRP, Hirth, Simonini, Polini and Ruska Mehanika are world leading light aircraft engine manufacturers. They produce top quality motors witch are the ultimate choice for a light weight and high performance hovercraft.

We will help you to chose the right motor for your hovercraft and your terrain.

MAD Hovercraft - build in quality you can rely on.

Ready to order and buy your our own hovercraft?

Whether you know exactly what you want or need a little guidance, contact us now and we’ll help!

With more than 350 lit. in-built flotation all around hovercraft bottom and inside sandwich core bottom, that is also eXtra protected with KEVLAR layers, our hovercraft safely floats like a raft when motor is switched off as well is unbreakable under full payload, and can resist most of heavy rock impacts.

Hovercraft is unsinkable with 3 people on board. Can you imagine swimming in icy lake in worst case scenario? With MAD Hovercraft, that option is excluded.

Transportation on road is by car and a trailer. Trailer is modified for ‘fly-on, fly-off’.

Trailer tilts and hovercraft slides down and same second is ready to use. Loading is also fast, you simply fly on tilted trailer and hovercraft is loaded.

Typhoon sides are all heavy duty made ‘step-on’ type, stainless handle grab rails are heavy duty as well. Hovercraft cockpit is 120 cm wide inside where you have plenty space to transport your crew. You will always find extra space to transport other stuff with you, or put your fish or bird catch inside the hovercraft if you use it for fishing.

You will find our hovercraft useful also for various agricultural works, mosquito control, spraying, detecting… Design of our hull will allow you many universal uses of a hovercraft and save you many troubles. Work with hovercraft is fast, safe and fun and takes you to places ordinary boats can not navigate, while hovercraft are fully amphibious.

Typhoon hovercraft is also equipped with powerful lights for night work.

Beside turn key hovercraft we also sell and ship ‘power-off’ hovercraft MAD-81L. It is complete hovercraft without motor frame and without motor unit. It is for home builders who wants to install their own motors on hovercraft.